Advocate for Education

Between FY08 and FY15, Oklahoma’s per pupil investment in common education fell more than twenty percent. This was the largest percentage drop in the entire nation. As a result of these steep cuts, we are losing teachers, students are being crammed into overcrowded classrooms, and the advanced classes that prepare our kids for college are being slashed. We encourage our friends and families to get involved in efforts to restore education funding in Oklahoma. Here are some resources and links:
Norman Public Schools Financial Services is committed to being exemplary, conservative stewards of taxpayers' funds and operating with the highest level of transparency. Detailed information about the current budget can be found on this website. We urge you to read these two documents, which were presented at the special meeting on February 8, 2016 with Superintendent Dr. Siano and CFO Brenda Burkett.



Oklahoma's Future - Our Children - A large bipartisan group has launched a campaign for a solution to address education funding to be put to a vote of the people.  SQ 779 One Page Flyer [pdf]

Oklahoma Central PLAC Facebook - A nonpartisan group with the goal of increasing parent and community awareness about legislative issues impacting public education in Oklahoma.