Washington Marquee Ribbon Cutting & 25th Anniversary Celebration

May 16, 2016


Happy 25th Anniversary, Washington! We had a great time at our celebration on Monday, May 16 at 8:30am. A huge thank you to everyone for your hard work and support to make our Digital Marquee Project a reality. We look forward to sharing information and upcoming activities with you next year via our awesome NEW Digital Marquee!


March 16, 2016

We have $15,222 of $30,000 raised for our new Digital Marquee! Our Read-A-Thon starts Monday, March 21, 2016! You can set up your Reader pages any time with info on the sheet that went home in Thursday folders! Email any questions to Alicia Keys at the PTA address - webmaster.eaglespta@gmail.com


Feb 8, 2016

We have $14,198 of $30,000 raised for our new Digital Marquee! Our Read-A-Thon will kick off February 29, 2016.


Jan 15, 2016 

We have $13,214.60 of $30,000 raised for our new Digital Marquee! The deadline for ordering bricks was January 31, 2016. Ordering is now closed.

We are moving forward to build a marquee this spring to commemorate our 25th anniversary. We will have a special Read-a-Thon fundraiser in February and hope to start building in March. If you would like to participate, please order by January 31st! If you know of any local businesses who would like to sponsor, please let us know!