Your Washington PTA At Work!

04/05/2012 15:52

As we begin to close out the school year we would like to highlight some areas of the PTA!

Your Support Helped...
The PTA has budgeted $11,300 for teacher reimbursement (most teachers receiving $250 each) to purchase grade specific classroom supplies and materials for our students! The Washington PTA has provided $1,200 worth of agendas to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders! Four PTA Board members were sent to the PTA Convention last July! Labels for Education enabled us to purchase recess equipment for all students!

Thank You for Your Help!
*Bingo raised $2,015 *Catalog Fundraiser brought in $13,083
*Box Tops raised $3,013 *Community Resources raised $825 *The Park-ing Lot Sale raised $621.25 *Parents Night Out brought in $885 *PTA Membership/Business Memberships raised $1,031 *Time for Change to plants tress on the school property raised $4,503.84!

We appreciate the support of all our wonderful Washington families and teachers ~ these programs, and many others, would not be possible without your efforts!

Thank you EAGLES!


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