Oklahoma State Funding Meeting

11/08/2012 11:34

Last week the Washington PTA board hosted an informational meeting about Oklahoma State funding of public schools to which other elementary PTA boards in Norman were invited.  One of our school parents and board members, Megan Benn, was the main presenter along with Norman Public School Superintendent Dr. Joe Siano.

During Megan's presentation she shared data pointing to how much our state has cut funding as well as how our state spending on public education compares to other states with similar demographics.  She also touched on State Questions 766 and 758.  Tulsa parents formed the Parents Legislative Action Committee (PLAC) to address their community's educational issues.  If you would like to be a part of a "Westside" action committee to discuss education, please email me: georges@georges.

One key action point I was left with after the meeting is that I should not assume my local and state legislators know that education is important to me.  Call,write, email your local and state officials and let them know what you support and what you don't support, or simply remind them that if a funding source to schools is cut then a plan must be in place for recovering that revenue. Our school is diverse:  we have families with many resources and families living pay-check to pay-check; families with two parents, 1 parent, or no parents living at home; international families studying and working at OU as well as families immigrated from places such as Korea; and families who have strong political opinions one way or another.  BUT, as parents we all stand united on one thing: giving our children the best opportunity for success. Thank you, Megan, for a great meeting.

Claudia Gonzalez-George

Parent, 3rd Grade Teacher, PTA Board Member


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