John Shea, our wonderful custodian...

11/19/2012 09:22

A word from our PTA President, Byron...


    "I want to take a few moments this week to say thank you to John our wonderful custodian.  Many times we notice those who come in and do amazing things like inventing Skittles.  Yet the real heroes are the ones who day after day offer a service and hardly ever gets any recognition.  Many times I will be at the school and here the famous refrain "where is John we need him to ..........."  And John shows up and does whatever is asked.  He is always cheery and looks to fix the problem. 

    John goes out most mornings to make sure the children are dropped off safely.  No matter how hot or cold it is John is there at the drop off.  And whenever there is an event and John is asked to help he gladly assist.  He helps before the event starts then he helps during the event and then he locks up the building when the event is over.
    Take a moment this week to say thank you to John someone who makes our children's lives safe and secure.  We are lucky at Washington to have John.  On this Thanksgiving I am feeling very grateful that we don't have to worry about getting support from John and his help with Washington and the PTA."




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