A Note from Your PTA President

08/23/2012 09:14

Hello Party People!


Welcome to the rocking school Washington's 2012 -2013 year. We are all excited to be here and to have you be a part of our family. There are many changes at our school this year and they are all designed to help us make Washington stay a rocking school.  Remember our motto you don't have to go to meetings to be a part of PTA. Just buying a tshirt or coming to an event makes you one of us.


Our money goes to teacher reimbursements for out of pocket money they use to have the best tools in their classrooms.


Your money goes to fixing the playground, having art enrichment programs and Spanish language classes.  Every dime that you put into PTA helps to directly benefit the students and teachers at school.


I welcome the entire board and a special shout out to the executive board: 


Mistie Voto - Vice President

Chris Mcnabb - President Elect

Sarah Cloer - Secretary

Claudia George - Treasurer 

Summer McGuire - Communications


These people boss me and I have learned to just say okay.  Thanks Washington, the little time we invest today will enrich our children's lives forever.



Byron Jackson 



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